Deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems.
Preserve of crushed fruit.
A dense crowd of people.
Informal terms for a difficult situation. Приклади
  • He got into a terrible fix.
  • He made a muddle of his marriage.
Interfere with or prevent the reception of signals. Приклади
  • Jam the Voice of America.
  • Block the signals emitted by this station.
Block passage through. Приклади
  • Obstruct the path.
Crush or bruise. Приклади
  • Jam a toe.
Crowd or pack to capacity. Приклади
  • The theater was jampacked.
Get stuck and immobilized. Приклади
  • The mechanism jammed.
Push down forcibly. Приклади
  • The driver jammed the brake pedal to the floor.
Press tightly together or cram. Приклади
  • The crowd packed the auditorium.
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