A contest with rules to determine a winner. Приклади
  • You need four people to play this game.
A single play of a game. Приклади
  • The game lasted 2 hours.
An amusement or pastime. Приклади
  • They played word games.
  • He thought of his painting as a game that filled his empty time.
  • His life was all fun and games.
Frivolous or trifling behavior. Приклади
  • For actors, memorizing lines is no game.
  • For him, life is all fun and games.
Your occupation or line of work. Приклади
  • He's in the plumbing game.
  • She's in show biz.
Animal hunted for food or sport.
The game equipment needed to play a game. Приклади
  • The child received several games for his birthday.
A secret scheme to do something (especially something underhand or illegal). Приклади
  • They concocted a plot to discredit the governor.
  • I saw through his little game from the start.
The flesh of wild animals that is used for food.
(games) the score at a particular point or the score needed to win. Приклади
  • The game is 6 all.
  • He is serving for the game.
Place a bet on. Приклади
  • Which horse are you backing?
  • I'm betting on the new horse.
Willing to face danger.
Disabled in the feet or legs. Приклади
  • A crippled soldier.
  • A game leg.

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